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Volunteers Needed

 Volunteers Needed:

Aldbrough Village Feast has been running since 1281 and does so entirely by people volunteering a little of their time and we need new volunteers.  The Feast is a wonderful event that lots of people enjoy, but the committee is getting smaller we need some new people to come forward to help organise events and bring some new ideas. 


You don’t need to help for the whole week just one event would be a bonus, otherwise sadly we may be unable to run as many events in 2021.

We need:

  • people to deliver the Feast Programmes (and possibly sell raffle tickets) to a batch of houses in the Feast area (Aldbrough, Stanwick, Carlton, Micklow & Langdale) early to mid-July;

  • volunteers to help with the Gymkhana/Showing/Jumping  on Monday 9th August;

  • car parking marshals for the Car Boot on Sunday 8th August morning;

  • marshals for the Cycle Event on Sunday 8th August afternoon; 

  • an organiser for the Children’s Treasure hunt and Entertainment on Tuesday 10th August;

  • volunteers to assist with running the Children’s Sports; and

  • Raffle ticket sales at events throughout the week.


If you want to help, contact:

Christine Gardner ( or

Kirstie Thornton


Tuesday 18th May 2021 - 7pm

Feast meeting to be held in the Village Hall - Covid rules permitting.  If you wish to help with the Feast please come to the meeting. 


Volunteers are needed to help with a number of elements - see above.

2020 Provisional Feast Dates:

The dates for the 2020 Aldbrough Feast are: Saturday 7th August to Saturday 14th August 2021.

The 2021 Feast will be run (possibly with a reduced schedule) in line with any Covid19 requirements.  Hopefully these will allow most events to be held.

For an example list of events, click on this link to the Feast 2019 Timetable page:

For more info about each event, click on this link to the Feast 2019 Programme page where you can open a file containing  the full Feast Programme:

Use of Feast Funds:

Most recently the Feast Committee have provided some funds to help meet the costs of the refurbishment of the children's play area on Low Green.