Use of Feast Funds

Any funds raised by Feast activities are to be used for the benefit of the those living in the Feast area, ie the Civil Parishes of Aldbrough and Stanwick St John.  This area includes Aldbrough, Kirkbridge, Stanwick, Carlton, The Zetland, Lucy Cross and Micklow Hill.

In recent years funds have been spent on: providing a bench outside the Doctors' Surgery, supporting the purchase of a large bench near the childrens play area, installing bird boxes, purchasing a strimmer to help keep tiday the vegetation on the Beck sides, supporting the purchase of a new gate for the church and various benches.

Latest Funding:

At the Feast wash up meeting on 21 Sept 2016, the committee agreed to provide some funds in support of the refurbishment of the children's play area on Low Green.  This project was completed in early 2018.

If you wish to make a suggestion for the use of some Feast funds, send details to the Secretary Christine Gardner:

Aldbrough Quoits Pitch Project

A recent project was the refurbishment of the Aldbrough quoits pitches.  The pitches hadn't been repaired for some years. The wood around the clay was rotten/had rotted away and all the paving around the pitches was broken and uneven.  


The Quoits Club submitted a request for funds to help refurbish the pitches.  This involved the replacement of the hardwood around the clay, the removal of the broken paving/concrete, the digging out of the paved area and the laying of concrete.  The Feast committee agreed to provide some funds towards the cost with the Quoits Club providing some of the materials and all of the labour.

The work was done over 2 weeks in April 2016 by 5 members of the Quoits Team (Arnold Banks, Jeff Edmundson, Colin Sutherland, Frank Walton and Nick Langan).   This was just ahead of the start of the Quoits League season.  The  old rotten/damaged covers were also replaced with new ones, the tops of which which were covered fibreglass to increase longevity.  The manufacture and fibreglassing of the covers was carried out by Quoits Team members Colin Sutherland, Harry Reah and Ashley Lawson.

The Quoits Team would like to thank Peter Brown for his help in the removal of waste material; Paul Tait (Evergreen Pallet Solutions UK Ltd) and Alan Wanless for their help in sourcing/providing some of the materials used; and Helen & Neil Maddison-Potts of The Stanwick for providing refreshments for those doing the work.

Pictured Left and below, the refurbished quiots pitches with the new concrete and toe boards, but still with the old covers.

The photograph below also shows the new bench behind the bus shelter, funded by the Feast, which was made and installed last year by Colin Sutherland with the help of Frank Walton and Nick Langan.