About Us

Wooden Hut

Who we are

Parish Councillors: 

  • Roman Pronyszyn (Chairman)   tel: 01325 710559

  • Mike Banks (Vice Chairman)

  • Stephen Baddon

  • Sheila Turner

  • Jim Sandhu

Parish Clerk

Jenny Pears   aldbroughstjohnclerk@gmail.com  tel: 07585 837716

District Councillor

James Wilson-Petch   tel: 01325 374988                                              

County Councillor

Angus Thompson www.writetothem.com                                           

What we do

Parish Councils are the lowest tier of local government in England.  As such we act on behalf of the local community across a wide variety of areas and activities, such as:

  • owning and managing the village greens and common land;

  • monitoring and maintaining public rights of way within the village;

  • providing a local view as part of public consultations;

  • giving initial feedback to the District Council on planning matters; and

  • under the General Powers of Competence, to do anything an individual can do provided it is not prohibited by other legislation.