Walker Memorial Hall

Administrative Instructions


The Village Hall at Aldbrough St John is a registered charity known as ‘The Walker Memorial Hall’, charity number 225724.  It is a community centre for cultural, social and sporting activities for the population of Aldbrough St John and nearby settlements of Carlton and Stanwick St John.  It was licenced[i]by the Parish Council of Aldbrough St John to the Trustees of the Walker Memorial Hall for 99 years in 1964 for:


‘the purposes of a village hall and recreational room for the use of the inhabitants of Aldbrough St John and the neighbourhood without distinction of sex or of political, religious or other opinions and in particular for the use for meetings, lectures and classes and for other forms of recreation and leisure-time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants.’


The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer hold the password to the Charity Commission account.




The Hall is managed and controlled by the Committee, which consists of eight elected members, each of who are elected for a period of four years. Two Members, who have held office longest, are to retire at the AGM.  Members are required to reside (or have done in the last three months) within the Parishes of Aldbrough St John or Stanwick St John.  Retired Members are eligible for re-election.  The AGM , with 14 days notice, is to be held on the first Monday in February of each year.  Any person of the said parishes who is 21 years or older is eligible to vote. 


The Members are to determine the frequency and necessity of Ordinary Meetings of the Committee.  The election of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Booking Clerk, Hall Member and members of the Fundraising Committee (and any other sub-committee) shall take place at the first Ordinary Meeting after the AGM.  The Management Committee has the power to alter the rules for the management of the Hall, including to wind-up.  Any money generated is to be used for the repair and improvement of the Hall.   See the Trust Deeds for the detail.




The Treasurer is authorised to pay monies up to £200 for the repair and normal running of the Hall.  Any monies in excess of £200 require the agreement of the majority of the Committee. The accounts are to be inspected in accordance with the rules of the Charity Commission and reported to the AGM. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are authorised to sign cheques, which require two signatures.  The Treasurer is to record all transactions, arrange insurance, pay creditors and collect any monies held by the Booking Clerk or the Fundraising Committee.




The Village hall does not hold a permanent Entertainment Licence and any user, wishing to sell alcohol (including in the price of the admission tickets), is to apply for a Temporary Events Notice; see hiring agreement.  


Age Verification Policy:  The responsible person[ii]must have the means to verify the age of anyone consuming alcohol.  No alcohol is to be consumed by any person under the age of 18 years.


Gambling:  Gambling, within the laws and local byelaws, is permitted in the Village Hall.


Children and Vulnerable Adults:  Any responsible personiimust make appropriate arrangements for the protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults, including the clearance of staff by the Disclosure and Barring Service. Any concerns must be reported to the appropriate authorities and the Management Committee.




The Management Committee acknowledge the diverse culture, race, beliefs and religions of the United Kingdom and believe no individual should receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, age, colour, race, religion or nationality.




The Hall Member, who has the authority to arrange any inspections and repairs required, monitors compliance to the requirements of Health & Safety legislation.

The Management Committee welcome the use by all and will provide a safe environment in conjunction with the responsible personii; any specialist requirements must be discussed in advance with the Booking Clerk.  Any adverse incidents must be recorded in the ‘Accident Book’ kept in the Blue File in the Kitchen and reported to the Management Committee.




See the details on the website.  




See the appropriate Annex for the duties of:





Booking Clerk

Hall Member



[i]Trust Deeds: ‘The Walker Memorial Hall, Aldbrough St John’; Latimer, Hinks, Marsham & Little, Darlington, dated 27 April 1964.

[ii]Responsible Personas defined in the Hiring Agreement.