Main Hall

The main hall is approximately 12 metres by 8.5 metres with the capacity:


  • To seat 80 for formal dining: 10 tables of eight. 

  • To seat 96 for presentations, there are 90 chairs with cushions.

  • For 110 standing.

  • For 12 exercise classes students.


Woolley clouds are fitted to the ceiling as acoustic dampeners and give the hall a good sound quality.


There are the usual facilities including a disabled toilet.  There are also hanging rails for coats available to be used in the main hall only.


A fully fitted kitchen includes an industrial oven, dishwasher, hot water boiler, fridge and hot server.  The hatchway with electric shutters opens from the kitchen to the main hall.  There is sufficient crockery, cutlery and glasses for 80 place settings.


Hire Charges - see 'HIRE DOCUMENTS' page for forms


Main Hall, kitchen, crockery, cutlery & glasses…..£12 per hour

or.….£100 per day

Kitchen as a meeting room..….£6 per hour

Main Hall only…..£10 per hour

Pinfold…...£2 per day




(Village Hall Insurance Policy 88/0047440/BS69354  - Walker Memorial Hall;


Non-profit making hirers (1) are automatically covered for public liability to a limit of £2m.


This cover is also extended to include private events such as parties or weddings but does not cover any individual, club or organization, which hire the Premises on a regular weekly or monthly basis, unless notified to the insurers and for the benefit of the community.


Any fund-raising events, exhibitions, craft fairs and fetes, organized and run by the Village Hall Ctte must not exceed 500 persons (noting limitations allowed into the Hall) at any one time unless referred to and agreed by our insurers.


Any fireworks and/or bonfire events require to be referred to the insurers, as there are additional charges; noting no fireworks etc are allowed in the Hall). To clarify the extent of the insurance cover, reference should be made to the policy document held by the Secretary, Liz Hemingway


Any fund raising events held by hirers of the hall are not automatically included in our insurance and they are advised to make their own arrangements.



A cleaning contract is available at £12.50 ph, details are available from the booking secretary.


Premises License Operating Schedule


Charitable Objects

The Walker Memorial Hall is a community centre (village hall) providing space for cultural, social and sporting activities for the population of Aldbrough St John and the nearby settlements of Carlton and Stanwick St John.


Control of Premises

The Walker Memorial Hall Management Committee (WMHMC) are responsible for the control, maintenance and operation of the Hall. The WMHMC are the licensees and premises supervisors.


Public Safety Statement of Commitment

The public safety measure with which the premises are provided will be maintained in good working order, and their adequacy will be determined on a regular basis, by the carrying out of a risk assessment.  We understand that the safety of occupants is also influenced by the numbers of persons present, their disposition and the activities taking place, and therefore undertake to maintain a safe occupancy level.


Maximum Occupancy

110 Standing.

96 Seated, theatre style.


Opening hours


When open the 'Standard' maximum hours are from Midday until Midnight under the terms of the license.  Specifically:

Supply of alcohol - Midday until 2330 hours

Live Music - Midday until 2300 hours

Recorded Music - Midday until 2300 hours


* Non Standard Days are Bank Holiday Saturday prior, Bank Holiday Mondays, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve one extra hour.


The Four Licensing Objectives:


a.  General


We will rota WMHMC members who will be responsible at any one time for all licensing activities.  WMHMC training logs and a refusals books will be kept at the bar.


b.  The prevention of Crime and Disorder


We will adopt Challenge 25 and train WMHMC members in its use and licensing law.  We have a secure area with a roller shutter that will secure the bar area when not in use.


c.  Public Safety


The premises are well maintained with good lighting inside and out.  The property is disability accessible with associated toilet facilities.


d.  The Prevention of Public Nuisance


The WMHMC member on duty will maintain suitable noise levels and ask people to leave quietly.  There are requirements in the conditions of hire of the hall which are aimed at prevention of excess noise or nuisance.  Clear signage will be displayed requesting that customers respect local residents and to leave the premises quietly.


e.  The protection of children from harm


All children are to be accompanied by a suitable adult when on the premises during licensable activities.  We will operate Challenge 25 to ensure those under age are not served with alcohol.


Retail Sale and Consumption of Alcohol


Alcohol shall only be consumed on the Premises or in the designated outside drinking area identified on the Premises Plan (i.e. within 3 metres of the building, excluding the Pinfold). No open vessels shall be permitted on the highway. 


No out-sales of alcohol for consumption off the premises are permitted.

1 A non-profit making hirer is any club or society that does not make money out of their operation. They may take money providing that this is invested back into the club.

The village hall is on the SW side of the beck by the bridge in the centre of the village.  It stands back from the road with parking to the front for 12 cars on tarmac.  There is further parking on the grassed area on the edge of the track.


There is also a small penned area called the Pinfold, which was used historically to hold livestock for short periods.  The Pinfold is to the lhs of the village hall and is accessed by a gate near the emergency exit.