Feast 2016 Results

Aldbrough Show:

The overall winners in the Produce, Arts & Crafts and Cookery were:


Most points in Fruit & Vegetables:  Becky Fenwick.

Most Points in Home Produce:  Richard Smith.

Most Points in Photography:  David Tickner.

Scarecrow Competition:

There was another good entry to the Scarecrow competition.  The prizes went to:

Winner:  The Young Family  (Scottish Tatty Bogle scene)

2nd Place:  Ruth Richmond & Simon Cherry (Flamenco Dancer)

3rd Place:  Harry & Sue Reah (Eskimo scene)

Duck Race:

Even on a slow running Beck, the Duck Race proved unpredictable.  The results were:

Winner:  No. 322 - Angela Gaskin

2nd:    No. 432 - Dan & Sheila

3rd:     No.   95 - Christine Arkless

Last:     No.138 - Roger Frier

Tour of Aldbrough:

There was competition throughout the field in the cycle time trial resulting in some close times:

Joint overall (Yellow Jersey) and Adult Male class winners:  Geoff Brown and Alan Wanless

Adult Female class winner:  Diane Wilson.

Overall Junior (Yellow Jersey) and Junior Male class winner:  Daniel Newman.

Junior Female class winner:  Neive Sathyamoorthy.

Junior Class C winner:  Zak Sathyamoorthy.

Junior Class A winner:  Max Turner.

Junior Class D winner:  Charlie Lister.


The quiz at the Pie & Pea Supper was won by Christine Gardner's team.

Tug of War across the Beck:

The Tug of War was again won by a team featuring the Parkers.


A very competitive game of rounders was played on Sunday by mixed teams of adults and children resulting in a debatable very close result with the boys team winning.

Couples/Mixed Darts:

Twenty one teams took part in what turned out to be another terrific evening.  Last year's losing finalists, Sue Martin and Pete Brown, once again got to the final.  This year they were defeated by an in-form Adam Raw and his girlfriend Catherine.

Gymkhana & Showjumping:

Class 5 lead rein 40cm 

1st - Harriet White 

2nd - Poppy Boniface 

3rd - Martha Gibbon 

4th  - George Bell 


Class 6 - Approx 50cm 

1st - Ruby Todd 

2nd - Laura Mathias 

3rd - Lily Edwards 

4th - Bena Slack 


Class 7 - Approx 60cm 

1st - Sarah Clark 

2nd Ellie Errington 

3rd - Aaron Clark 

4th - Thomas Snaith 


Cup Winners 


The Lord McAndrew Cup:  Harriet Hodgson 

The Aldbrough St John Feast Trophy:  Kiera Edwards 

The Stanley Dunn Memorial Trophy:  Hannah Raw 

Gymkhana & Showjumping (cont):


Class 8 - Approx 75cm 

1st - Evie Hole-Todd 

2nd - Abigail Leadbetter 

3rd - Lucy Lavender 

4th - Keeva Johnson 


Class 9 - Approx 90cm 

1st - Hannah Raw

2nd - Abigail Leadbetter

3rd - Lucy Lavender 

4th - Imogen Thornton 


Class 10 - Approx 1m 

1st - Emily Johnson 

2nd - Imogen Thornton

3rd - Keeva Johnson

4th Arrabella Budge 

Showing Classes:


1st Poppy Carr on Loly 

2nd Christan Tremewan on Viking

3rd Velvet Rider on Waightwith Wind Dance 

4th Phebe Maughan on Jack pony

Class 2 

1st Ellie Rogers on Scooby Doo 

2nd Poppy Carr on Viking

3rd Molly McAllister on Moonie

4th Georgia Fenwick on Blue

Class 3

1st Sophie Richards on Tara

2nd Christan Tremewan on Loly 

3rd Velvet Ryder on Waightwith Wind Dance

4th Sophie Robinson on Molly 

Class 4 

1st Rosie Langstaff on Cindy 

2nd Alice Dickson on Brooklyn

3rd Poppy Carr on Loly 

4th Molly McAllister on Moonie

Champion:  Poppy Carr

Reserve Champion:  Rosie Langstaff


A big thank you to our judge

Mr Stuart Wilson from Girllington Hall

Showing Classes (cont):

Class 5 

1st Freya Gibbon on Twinkle

2nd Tabitha + Edward Hudson on Kipper and jams 

3rd Elena Dawson on Pickles

4th Eleanor Rose Dickens on Poppet 

Highly recommend Constance Colling 

Class 6 

1st Rosie Langstaff on Cindy

2nd Nicola Greenwell on Tally

3rd Daisy Bonniface on Bess

4th Lizzy Piti on Paddy

Class 7 

1st Molly McAllister on Moonie

1st  Poppy Carr on Erico

2nd Imogen Muir on Harry 

2nd Sophie Robinson on Molly 

Class 8 

1st Alice Dickinson on Brooklyn

2nd Harriet white on Blossom

3rd Poppy Carr on Viking

4th Erin Reed on Belle 

Children's Treasure Hunt:

There was a large entry for the Children's Treasure Hunt.  The winners were:  Beatrice & Toby Harrall.

Dog Race:

The wet weather seems to have kept a number of dog owners inside when the Dog Race was due to be run.  A Cocker Spaniel called Molly was the only dog on the Green when the race was due to start and so was declared the winner.

Car Treasure Hunt:

The Treasure Hunt was won by the Fenwick's team (Becky, Tim, Peter & Derek).

Ruth Richmond & Simon Cherry were pulled out of the hat to organise next year's event.

Children's Sports:

Over 40 entered the Children's Sports which had to be cut short because of the weather.  There results were:

1st:  Caspar Stone

2nd:  Ralphie Parker

3rd:  Jayden Adiola

Quoits Competition:

The event started in light rain, but conditions got worse and after 4 games the remainder of the event was postponed until Thursday 18th Sept.

The event resumed with Peter Brown and Aaron Armstrong on particularly good form.  Aaron was the eventual winner beating Jeff Edmundson in the final.