Feast 2017 Results

Scarecrow Competition:

There was another good entry to the Scarecrow competition.  The prizes went to:

Joint Winners:  Sally Hilder and Grandchildren (Minotaur) & Harry & Sue Reah (Mummy scene)

3rd Place:  Medusa by Tracy and Roman Pronyszyn

Of particularly local interest was The Lambton Worm scene by Colin and Lesley Sutherland - although not in the top three places, it was certainly an imaginative display.

Aldbrough Show:

The overall winners in the Produce, Arts & Crafts and Cookery were:

Most points in Fruit & Vegetables:  Becky Fenwick.

Best Flower Arrangement:  Rachel Connolly.

Best Entry Home Produce:  Kate Stone.

Men's Baking - 3 Cheese Scones -winner: Nick Langan 

Tour of Aldbrough:

There was competition throughout the large field (30 entries) in the cycle time trial resulting in some close times:

Overall Adult:  (Yellow Jersey) and Adult Male class winner:  Lee Kermode

Adult Female class winner:  Diane Wilson.

Overall Junior (Yellow Jersey) and Junior 12-13 Male class winner:  Theo Copestake.

Junior 12-13 Female class winner:  Amy Simpson.

Junior 10-11 Female class winner:  Neive Sathyamoorthy.

Junior 10-11Male class  winner:  Zak Sathyamoorthy.

Junior 8-9 Female class winner:  Anna Everitt.

Junior 8-9 Male class  winner:  Gabriel Everitt.

Junior 5-7 Female class winner:  no entries.

Junior 5-7 Male class  winner:  Charlie Lister.

Organisers' Special Award:  Ralphie Parker.

Family Quiz:

The quiz at the Pie & Pea Supper was won by a team made up of the Taits, Sutherlands, Langans, Sue Martin and Bev ?.  Second place went to the team including the Mooneys, Morrises and Cullens.

Couples/Mixed Darts:

Seventeen teams took part in what turned out to be another terrific evening.  The last two years' losing finalists, Sue Martin and Pete Brown, managed to make it third time lucky and won the final, beating first-timers Pat & Alan Wanless 2 - 1 in a close match. 

Duck Race:

The results were:

Winner:  Number 381 Archie Parker

2nd:        Number 391 Parker Lough

3rd:         Number 376 Harrison Lough

Last:        Number 085 Sara Luis 

Gymkhana & Showjumping:

                Results to follow

Class 5 lead rein 40cm 

1st -

2nd -

3rd -

4th  -


Class 6 - Approx 50cm 

1st -

2nd -

3rd -

4th -


Class 7 - Approx 60cm 

1st -

2nd -

3rd -

4th -


Cup Winners 


The Lord McAndrew Cup: 

The Aldbrough St John Feast Trophy: 

The Stanley Dunn Memorial Trophy: 

Gymkhana & Showjumping (cont):


Class 8 - Approx 75cm 

1st -

2nd -

3rd -

4th -


Class 9 - Approx 90cm 

1st -

2nd -

3rd -

4th -


Class 10 - Approx 1m 

1st -

2nd -

3rd -

4th -

Children's Treasure Hunt:

There was a large entry for the Children's Treasure Hunt.  The winners were:  Tiana, Reuben & Jacob Sandhu.

Children's Sports:

The Children's Sports were well supported and ran for 2 hours.  There results were:




Dog Race:

The Dog Race proved popular again and was run 3 times.  A Whippet called Widget won all 3 runs, with Sweet Pea the Border Collie in second place.

Quoits Competition:

The event attracted some beginners willing to have a go.  A total of 16 entries pushed games into the evening with Semi finals being played in the dark under torchlight.  With batteries running low, the final was postponed until Sunday 20th Aug.

When it took place, the final between Peter Brown and Arnold Banks was a little one-sided with Peter playing consistently and triumphing, adding to his Couples/Mixed Pairs Darts win.

Car Treasure Hunt:

The Treasure Hunt was won by the ????? team ( & ).

They were also were pulled out of the hat to organise next year's event.